I’ve been reading the scriptures included in our Mi:5 study series this week and as I’ve been reading two things have hit me about what’s on God’s heart.

First, that He’s not into empty religion – professing something but only going through the motions – He gets really upset with it actually, hates it.

Which sounds judgemental. If you read several of the passages you’ll see that clearly it is.  if we are willing to allow God to do that … to allow Him to judge our actions, our motives, etc. God is God – all-knowing, omni-present, always just … seems to me He has the right to do that. And sometimes we’ll have to be that with each other. Make a judgement as to what is true and false, what is real and fake. Not just in others, but in ourselves.

Yet God doesn’t reveal his anger at empty religion merely to be judgemental, but because He loves us too much to allow us to remain something less than what we truly are. He loves us too much to not call us to become our true selves.

If He was to allow us – or if we allow each other – to live “luke-warm” lives, to only go halfway in our life and faith, well, that might be “nice” or “politically correct”, but it’s not loving. Love calls us into our true identity. And to love like that sometimes means we have to call one another out.

Jericho Road Nanaimo is a family of servant missionaries who disciple one another and others in the way of Jesus … it’s the identity that God has given and we seek to embrace and live from. That same identity applies to us personally: I am a child of the Father who lives to serve, witness to and disciple those Father entrusts to me and our shared ministry. Please don’t allow me … and let’s not allow one another … to be anything less than that. 🙂